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Guides and Player Help / Re: Game worth joining?
Last post by Beardtopia -
The thing that throws me off about RoA... is the item mall + subscription... that is why I am more prone here instead.

Not that there is a ton in the item mall to break the game .. just convience factors, like the bank expansion... but it is the start of something nasty more than likely... ?
General Discussion / Re: ivar thebraindead
Last post by VexDee -
what kind of woman is ok with a man punching their breasts over a video game
Media Highlights / Re: Garbage men vs Rats
Last post by Fck Boy -
make one where you zerg me down. sure yall got clips of that.  Happens a lot.
Media Highlights / Re: Garbage men vs Rats
Last post by HenkBot -
gf's, dig the music too.
Loose of race, race alliance chat, game feels even more empty.
Loss of useless fucking markets in blue cities

yeah, markets lose reds and not the other way around ^^
General Discussion / Re: Why I'm throwing in the towel.
Last post by freakd -
Tricky situation with med points. They are too low if people play and many clans own holdings, therefore less village caps per clan and a problem in sustaining them but you just can't see that metadata with current activity and that is a problem with majority of balancing in df.
General Discussion / Re: ivar thebraindead
Last post by Fuh Q -
How dare you boys insult my wittle Ivar!

I'm definitely not imaginary and im super hot with big boobs so you guys can just shut up ok?

It really upsets him, its obvious how hurt he is all the time, he comes on these forums and then he cant get an erection for days hes so upset! Just leave him alone ok? And once again, i do have big boobs and i am hot and i am not imaginary or made up ok?
Tell us how tiny Ivar is even when he is hard.... Ill give you 10 gold ingame to pm me and talk dirty to me.  Oh yea, one more thing, pics or you are really an ugly fat chick.
General Discussion / Re: ivar thebraindead
Last post by inkarnation -
If only there was a game that had open world PvP so you wouldn't have to run back to the forums like a bitch when you get called out in race chat for grinding up a second character in the game you post 24-7 in the forums about how bad it sucks.

-no idea what you two idiots posted, hopefully it's my Eagles NFL schedule so people know when I won't be online.

- I lol'd so hard when i saw this thread, so fucking triggered. Do you call SueBK so she will gather the SKD heathers?

Edit- I had a archery book drop yesterday I'll put it on the market for you 30k
making fun of you doesnt equate to ''running back to the forums'' especially when its after you ran out of dumb shit to say and left race alliance chat LMAO im just posting creating content for this shit game hoping other people enjoy it as much as i do my dude, and even if you actually wouldnt read it really doesnt matter since noone wants your opinion anyways, even if you continuously try to shove it down other peoples throats in random threads

youre trying verry hard but the problem is that youre a failure no matter what
you act like you dont read anything me and somebk say while continuously replying to it, you even left discord for a day because you felt too bullied but then came back since you didnt want to look weak or affected (according to my sources in your clan/friends)
i am verry triggered but you are the one who made a whole forum sig about me, taking 2 random phrases out of context and making up a story with it, showing everyone how much you care
youre so insecure that you have to keep reminding us about how hot your wife is, how you have an important job with meetings, yet were all still waiting for those pics of your wifes tits m8

ps ill buy that archery book, since as i said in race alliance, (wonder why you left that out) i have had that alt since month 2 and he has everything leveled from med back then besides archery, and i have unlimited gold, so i do not grind at all, and only want a melee archer for sieges
pss games shit lmao, logging in for sieges doesnt mean actually playing the game like a nerdgin like you do

here, ill show im a good guy and ill try to help you out of this embarassing situation, heres a few instructions

heres what ivars next post is going to be, theres a few options here but theyre all predictable, hes either:
gonna say more of the same
try to ignore the thread like he doesnt read it
randomly talk about irl shit he doesnt know
find some lame reason to act superior and dismiss everything

please ivar, just use my quick 4step method to being a better forumfaller
Guides and Player Help / Re: Game worth joining?
Last post by ironkid -
Both versions launched too early and lost alot of population. Even RoA is really well made now and nothing compared to the horrendous state that it was in at launch. ND still needs more work. But sadly it will be hard to get back all those people who quit early on.
Guides and Player Help / Re: Game worth joining?
Last post by SomeBK -
This version is definitely better than DFO but man I can't help it but reminisce of the chaos of so many people at every corner of the map at DFO launch. If I had the choice between playing the smooth version of DND and it's current population or original DFO with its huge population I'd take that clunky piece of shit in a heartbeat