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Guides and Player Help / Re: trial key
Last post by Wyverex -
Also if you wanna ping the game servers (instead of website), ping:
Guides and Player Help / Re: trial ke
Last post by pellaz -
@guccimane - Also, what people haven't told you so far is that it's a one off payment right now ; there is no recurring subscription, despite what the whatsite says, so it's essentially buy to play - for now. So get in and get some free additional months of playtime in while you can.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Mobility spells are overpowered
Last post by HarvestR -
mages shouldnt be able to get out of melee range every 5 seconds while also having ranged dps, thats just bad game design

mages have ranged damage, thats why they should be more immobile than melees
Every 5 seconds ... Sure. It is every 2 seconds.

Pro Tip: Use a shield from time to time.

And if you think Mages have it soooooooo easy, just play one. I can already see your next brilliant suggestions coming:
- "Water Magic should slow movement speed of Melees!"
- "Increase area of effect of Begone. It is too easily dodgeable!"
- "Getting hit while having Frost Shield on should slow Melee / Archery attacks"
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: badass video
Last post by wildNothing -
All of you, just fuck off with your DND vs RoA talks. It's boring as fuck. Only thing more boring than constant biased battles between fanboys are people like Roxanna that immediately feel the need to attack RoA if anything fun happens there.

It's just a fun video.
Guides and Player Help / Re: trial key
Last post by nuclearping -
There are no trial keys. But 9,99 isn't asked too much.

If you want to know whats different compared to old DF1, check out this:,9410.msg148735.html#msg148735

Also check out the patch notes:,7478.0.html
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: badass video
Last post by Seronys -

Wanted to like RoA, but man even before you press play the guy has 12 + Buffs on. Like what's the point a character progression if you can add that many Buffs just to name a number of issues with original Darkfall that we're just s***** game design.

Love or hate local banking I just can't go back too original Dark Fall combat it's just too bad

whats the point of player progression when you can get 12+ buffs for your character with that progression? What?

Doesn't really matter anyways, since buffs are being taken outta the game, armour is getting changed to make it so nakeds are at an even greater disadvantage in the next patch, and combat changes are in the works.

You're running out of excuses bucko.

I'm just glad BPG is taking their time to change combat instead of turning it into the shitfest that it is here.
Guides and Player Help / Re: trial key
Last post by wildNothing -
Type this trial key in command line window to check ping:

Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Mobility spells are overpowered
Last post by Otis -
bad game design, far too many players quit DF1 for the same reasons. 
Guides and Player Help / trial key
Last post by guccimane -
I'm a DF1 vet just found out about this new dawn, are there trial keys out there to let people try the game before buying? I live in miami so curious about ping too..
General Discussion / Re: Whats new since release
Last post by lambdaExpression -
More like patch the game for the rest of 2018 and get the necessary economy tweaks/ mob loot adjust and require players to be INVOLVED in a fight in order for monsters to scale up so alts are not so gamebreaking. Add item sinks, what happened to items having a chance to take durability hits or even break on death? Thatat's hugely important to combat inflation.

Plus add in all the supposed launch features like the first stage of racial warfronts, clan/siege watchtowers that let you tax mobs on your land causing a chest inside the tower to fill that can be raided, magic schools and balance completed and the grind time between viable mage and viable melee/archer equalized

Higher rank bone and leather armor having different graphics or at LEAST different colors (it cannot be that hard just to change the fucking color)

All that is the minimum that needs to be in before a wipe, 2 week advertising/ interview campaign on, 1 week open beta stress test, and a relaunch as free to play, but with little annoying restrictions on things like bank space that go away if you pay a one time box price of $39.99. Then add a cash shop and sell things to whales like titles, cosmetics, mount skins, emotes.

Maybe also offer an optional $15 a month sub with a few special perks like getting 1 question a week answered by a dev on a weekly youtube Q and A YouTube video

So what if those free players spend little or even no money directly Ub3rgames should look at them as bait/ loss leader. They serve a necessary purpose because the more players in game the more enjoyable it is for the whales and people who can afford to pay for perks/convenience/ cosmetics and the more likely they are to stick around and keep spending money

If New Dawn did the things i mentioned and had a healthy population I would gladly chip in $60 EVERY month just for the entertainment value alone

TLDR OP We need people I'm not exaggerating when I say 90% of the people i knew have disappeared since launch and Ub3rgames has failed miserably with their server location choice and market strategy.

Ub3rgames frame this in your entrance.  This hit almost every point to a right  path forward.