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General Discussion / Re: The next patch?
Last post by Eilistraee -
Loyal supporters? We barely log on and don't even pay.
General Discussion / Re: The next patch?
Last post by xzxDJxzx Terrorize -
Hi can we have a clarification for your loyal supporters please?
Ps i spent 5 hours going to 4 villages and got 3 fights, games alive
Should try to use the forward key instead of the backward one then if it took you 5 hours to go to 4 villages :-D
P.s: oh, also don't crouch, you move faster :)
Questions and Answers / Re: LOCALITY
Last post by Eilistraee -
Gold is useless because markets are local, and you have to travel to pick up the stuff you bought. You want something and you want it here and now, not other location and later.

That is what gold should be for.

By the time you gather up your goods, you could as well find a crafter, order 10-20 and not bother with that for some time.
Questions and Answers / Re: LOCALITY
Last post by mongoloid123 -
gold is useless

it is if u only use r60's or play mage

people would sell gear on market but nobody wants to buy it because its always set at 10x of crafting price so nobody bothers trying to sell it
Looking to get in on the quality content that revolves around the Enclave?

not sure if you consider running naked into a siege stone 10 times in a row quality content
Suggestions / Re: Decorations
Last post by mongoloid123 -
like that other game where they spam tombstones everywhere every time some random guy on internet dies?


look at village timers, all villages in 10km radius 16 hours timer

Well darkfall Online did have global banking and did have fast travel, it didnt help the game back then either.

RoA with global banking and instant travel failed big as well.