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January 28, 2018, 01:50:39 pm
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So it seems you can't just zerg down everyone as you did in RoA LUL. Clan Recruitment Re: The Gentlemen AKA... Today at 08:52:19 am
Ub3r please implement an official drama-free political map to show who owns holdings / controls villages in real-time. That's... Suggestions Please add an officia... Today at 08:42:59 am
Are there any unclaimed holdings yet? Clan Recruitment Re: Free Holdings Today at 08:35:18 am
I wish buy orders were added in game, otherwise local markets/banks system is very good. General Discussion Re: Stay Local, Don't... Today at 08:30:10 am
Weebs are fine! General Discussion Re: WEEBS Today at 08:28:10 am
Wow moms jokes still viable in 2k18. And no need to post the vid, there was already enough fun of this in racial alliance cha... Media Highlights Re: EU Runners... Lol. Today at 08:19:31 am
I remember seeing the threadstarter rekt near Sanguine few days ago. Media Highlights Re: EU Runners... Lol. Today at 07:47:09 am
So siege is coming soon? I'm planning to arrive there as a lonely ninja and get fat lootz. Clan Discussions and Diplomacy Re: The 'Celiah wants... Today at 07:05:22 am
I'm supporting Ub3r in any way. Wipe crybois away. General Discussion Re: ENOUGH TOXICITY Today at 07:03:35 am
Soon we will be back! Clan Recruitment Re: Brother of War Today at 07:01:02 am

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