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Title time gating is bad.2 month switching cost is bad.Not having crafting specific title slots is bad.All of these things ar... General Discussion Re: Titles will be th... Today at 04:02:32 am
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Unelak is unclaimed. Clan Recruitment Re: Free Holdings February 19, 2018, 10:47:12 pm
Yes it's bad. I think I got spoiled because RoA increased boat speeds. Also put an inventory on rafts thanks! Bugs & Feedbacks Re: Boats slow speed February 19, 2018, 01:57:17 pm
Quote from: Kenman on February 17, 2018, 12:31:10 amIll definitely be streaming both games.Maybe i should add a point system ... Off-Topic Discussions Re: RoA patch notes- ... February 19, 2018, 02:45:23 am
Quote from: sanshi44 on February 17, 2018, 09:35:31 pmAllow the original exit to remain an exit aswell as the one in the star... Questions and Answers Re: Power Shift in Du... February 19, 2018, 02:43:10 am
If they add regional viewing in orklands, the only thing people will see is that every other market beside lesser fuckoff is ... General Discussion Re: Stay Local, Don't... February 19, 2018, 02:29:44 am
I agree with most of this review. General Discussion Re: Review of DnD February 18, 2018, 01:39:54 am
So eve has a similar system, where leveling is based on time. How do they deal with new players? I agree with op this time ga... General Discussion Re: Understanding the... February 18, 2018, 01:36:38 am

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