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That was one of the things i hated about EvE. If you join late or make a mistake you Can NEVER catch up and you spend months just waiting to be able to fly a new ship

This is a great discussion really. I will just say that if you hated EVE, you will probably never really love DND as they take their main inspiration from there.

I urge that vets give up the idea that they can be best at everything, and be able to change roles. Ub3r wants the game to be diverse, and they will force it by offering more and more options. The mantra of just buying more accounts "and that just punishes the casuals even more" won't hold when there is a trader title, a ship captain title, and 20 more titles that you won't buy new accounts for. Meanwhile, some casual player can have the ship captain title, and he will feel he has an important part to play in his clan.

Just play the kind of character you like most. And you can switch to a new title any time anyway, and it won't take as long as in EVE.
General Discussion / Re: Ingame TAXES WTF
I've seen the rich visiting the market once a while, and buying every resource available - but they couldn't buy much, because not much was offered for sale. Buy orders would solve this issue, and reduce wealth inequality.
So, "once in a while" a rich clan with 5 million gold in the coffer visits the market to buy regs on buy orders, and you think that whether they pay 500 or 1000 gold in tax for all the regs they buy, is somehow going to impact both how they plan and how the economy of the whole game works as such?

I just have to say: wake up! High taxes punish the new and the casual players most.

Taxes on market transactions are fine, but atm they are too high and should be reduced. Nerf the villages and other gold faucets that new and casual players have nothing to do with.
General Discussion / Re: Ingame TAXES WTF
Taxes are a much needed gold sink.

Already people have millions of gold.

The people with millions of gold are not people that try to sell cheap timber or ashes to other players in the small-town markets.
You cannot drain gold from the large clan players by taxing markets that they have no interaction with - the high taxes mostly punish new and casual players.
General Discussion / Re: Ingame TAXES WTF
Taxes help limit junk listings on the market.
There is very little in the realm of "junk" that can be sold in DarkFall, and besides, if you do a search for Leather on the market, it doesn't matter to your search result if there are 100 R0 staffs on there.

Even microscopic taxes would stop people from adding the things that won't sell. Fact is that taxes are way too high in DND atm, which prohibits people like me from doing the hard but interesting work of supplying the empty secondary markets with goods bought at the primary markets.
But yeah if you were going for realism, why are we able to message a player on the other side of the world? That is not very fitting for a medieval game.
I am not angling for extreme realism, but yeah, given the choice between being able to remotely control markets - or not, I think it's great that we have the "slave" solution in this game, and have to travel around to see what is there. I think it fits DarkFall well!

And also, because I have to visit several markets every day to check them, I am open to attacks from red players. Which is also good, no?
Regional viewability also helps new people to the game.
First thing the new player will do, is to buy something at another market without realising it , as they do in EVE constantly. He will then not see his items in inventory nor bank and freak out. He will have no idea in which town his stuff is that he just bought and will file a ticket to Ub3r.

So next up, people will demand further changes so that they can see their inventories from afar (as in EVE). After that comes the demand to access those inventories. It never ends, so no thanks. Having no visibility fits with the medieval setting of DarkFall. We don't have acccess to knowledge of what players are in the local area either (they do in the scifi game EVE), so we should not have remote access to what happens in otherr towns.

What we really need is lower fees and higher duration on orders. That way the small markets will begin to fill up with basic stuff and mounts.
(Also buy orders are needed, but they are incoming) 
Do you really truly think there are that many more? You're kidding yourself if you do.
There are at most a handful af full-blooded (market) traders, but reselling is not very lucrative atm. Most people that advertise trades have made their primary fortunes from villages or grinding the nodes.
Man states that he is a dedicated crafter. Man then threatens to quit game because players that have been playing longer than him who are making things he cannot make. Not so dedicated now!

I am getting a little tired of pampering people that complain about basics of DND but have a time horizon of 1-2 months max before they will be in another game anyway.
Is it only a matter of convenience, that you feel you have to babysit markets too much?
It is a matter of the balance between profit and risk. As a trader I have to benefit from a profit margin that is unpredictable. I may expect the profit margin to be 30%, but a) I may misjudge it by 10%, and b) the price might drop 10%. If I then pay a 7-day tax of 10%, then my profit for doing all this work is 0%.

Therefore all my sell orders are for 1 day, and they are for amounts of goods small enough that I know that the average buyer will take in full, or else I lose money when my order runs out. Now when a buyer comes that wants twice as much or three times as much, he won't be able to get that, because as trader I could not risk setting up a larger order.

This is the picture of a dysfunctional market system, but only because the fees are too high, the durations too short, and there are no buy orders. It can easily be fixed and the market interface is great. 

The problem is, you have the mistaken perception that the high fees give the better trader an advantage of the poorer trader. That is nonsense, it is the better skill of the trader that gives him the advantage over the poorer trader. The better trader will outcompete the worse trader no matter what the fees are. The difference is only that the market itself suffers from stifling fees. The buyers that come to the market will find there are fewer items because fewer items are profitable for traders to buy and resell and distribute to new markets.
Ub3r, you are just repeating what you said half a year before launch.
Now we have a live game and the situation is that players are giving up on supporting the markets. I am a dedicated trader with many years trading in EVE Online, I *only* play DarkFall to trade and support the markets, but I am now pulling out if the small markets that need traders the most.

It is incorrect when you believe that the high taxes punishes the crafters or gatherers the most. They do not, because it is the crafters and the buyers that dictate the prices. And people that farm mobs and then sell e.g. what they have skinned, do not care whether that greenleaf sells for 70 or 80 gold each, in fact they mostly have no idea if the price should be one or the other.

The people that get punished the most by high taxes are the ones that both buy AND sell the same product, i.e. the dedicated traders. This is the profession you have touted, these are the players that you hope in your game design will spread the goods and stock up all the markets. They live and die by the price margins, and they are screwed atm. I have to list all my goods as 1-day orders (gatherers and crafters often list them as 7-day orders because why not). If I list goods as 7-day orders and they sell after a few hours it means I have had a  negative opportunity cost on the 7-day tax I should not have paid.

This just does not work. Instead of trading on the small markets I have begun just gathering basic mats in my game time because that is much more profitable - the fees become negligable. And I sell these mats in the capital only.
Anyway, I just hope you will become more sensible and adjust the fees over time. And yea, TAX ON SALE:
General Discussion / Ub3r failing to help the markets
From patch today:
- Arrows and staffs are now taxed in market places.

See how easy it is to adjust taxing? Then why the f are you adding more taxes, when what is needed is a DECREASE of the punitive taxing and duration regime you have forced on us.

Everybody is screaming for more items in the smaller markets. Personally I have stocked 7 markets every day since launch, but I have given up on 4 of them and only supplying 3 now. These small markets are absolutely dead now. This patch is the opposite of helpful in this regard.

My point is not that I want more trollstaffs in markets, my point is Ub3r could reduce taxes by half, and at the same time double durations, on ALL items, by a snap of the fingers. Then markets would become more lively. Just do it already.
Suggestions / Re: Regional Markets
I am still against it. Local markets gives more diversity. Connecting markets leads to monopolies.
I voted yes. Iron ingots are now at 50g and wood at 40-something in Sanguine, arrows at 5-6g, leather at WTF!, so there has been considerable inflation in the past 10 days. I have no personal experience of the village payouts and can't say how much they should be reduced, but there is definitely a bit too much gold circulating in the game.
As an example, I have been supporting the swath of secondary human markets with regs since launch. Often these are the only regs available there. Few people buy from these orders, but it happens.

But it is too much of a hassle to be on top of these orders every day, and I will stop doing it now - I will begin delivering to these markets again once Ub3r lower the fees and increase the durations of orders. In the meantime, people will not be able to buy regs in these markets.

So that's where we are at - get the order system adjusted asap or the small markets die completely.
All of the suggestions are valid, and are on the roadmap I think- and of course we all want them right now, but it will take some time.
I don't know that longer order duration and lower fees is on their roadmap, because they took a stance with these before launch.

They need to change them right now - it would take them 5 minutes to patch a change to fees and duration!