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General Discussion / Ub3r failing to help the markets
From patch today:
- Arrows and staffs are now taxed in market places.

See how easy it is to adjust taxing? Then why the f are you adding more taxes, when what is needed is a DECREASE of the punitive taxing and duration regime you have forced on us.

Everybody is screaming for more items in the smaller markets. Personally I have stocked 7 markets every day since launch, but I have given up on 4 of them and only supplying 3 now. These small markets are absolutely dead now. This patch is the opposite of helpful in this regard.

My point is not that I want more trollstaffs in markets, my point is Ub3r could reduce taxes by half, and at the same time double durations, on ALL items, by a snap of the fingers. Then markets would become more lively. Just do it already.
Suggestions / How to revolutionise crafting longterm
Crafting is important in DarkFall, but suffers from having the barrier to high skill being simply to produce thousands and thousands of identical items that the public generally does not want to buy. An improvement would be to have some of that skill gain linked with *other* crafting than simply copypasting the same low-level gear over and over.

Wurm Online has that.
In Wurm, you create your item as in any game, but that is only the start of your task. You then *improve* the quality of your item, which takes much more time, many more actions than the initial creation.
Similar dynamics could be launched in a DND expansion in many ways. The important features must be that
a) the post-creation process uses up resources (iron, catalyst resources, special tools to polish, carve and file etc)
b) the proces gives the crafter skill.

For example, the post-creation improvements could add durability or the marginal damage the weapon gives. We could also have weapon QL being any integer where your weapon starts at 10 and you can improve it to QL 15 or 16 or 27.
There is also of course the idea of being able to repair weapons  - again remember, this would cost materials so it does not mean that gatherers and crafters would lose their jobs quickly.

Such additions to crafting would lead to a more varied and meaningful crafting experience, and an end to the heaps of junk in the markets and inventories.

Activity is gonna peak as we head into the weekend, people will do crazy things and die horrible deaths. This is history, our time to remember!
I am excited. Thanks Ub3rgames. That's all!
Guides and Player Help / Global bank function?
I forgot to check, how does the global bank function again? Are all coins in any bank always available, or is there a special account that you need to transfer coins into or else they are not available at other banks?
General Discussion / Number of wipes
Is it correct there will be two wipes? One for the banking patch and one for launch?

I seem to recall they said recently that the banking and market feature will require a wipe to get those trade activities going - or else feel free to correct me.
Suggestions / Skills on mounts?
We now have riding skill, but how about adding a little bonus on the mount itself?
Nothing earthshaking, maybe just let the speed vary with 5% and the health bar vary with 10% as an effect of a combination of mount age and miles.

It would be an added gameplay element, that you can train, buy and sell (and steal) mounts with different value.
It should be possible for the game to make checks for mount skills, in the old days we had horses with different weight, so why not. And  some mouse hovering info can help you pick the right horse from your inventory.

"our current direction is underwhelming "
"our decision as a team to focus in on making Darkfall: Rise of Agon much more casual friendly"

First up, they must be doing really awful subscription-wise if they go out and proclaim it openly.

Second, it sounds to me like the two games will become even more different, which I only see as an advantage for DND. From what I have gleamed through random postings, ROA was already the game where you can reach "endgame" much faster than in DND. Now they aim to welcome players to "arena-PvP" from day one?
Meanwhile, I think many of those that are holding out for DND have nothing against a good grind, and are capable of accepting that there can be different players with differences in accumulated strengths and advantages, maybe even better gear than you have for the moment.
As title says, I have been inactive for a while, and so I cannot log in.
How do I recativate my account?  I own the game.
General Discussion / Mushrooms
So, dynamic/regional spawns - are now launching in that other DarkFall game. Just sayin'

If DND is serious about sandboxiness and having many types of players mixing it up in the game, we need this longterm.
Hunting rare mushrooms in A Tale in the Desert, those that only spawned for half an hour in the middle of the night in faraway places, was INSANELY fun. Similar in Mortal Online.

Such things would turn me and many other city-dwelling carebears into loot pinatas.  
Suggestions / Courier contracts
Sorry if this has been discussed previously.

Short version:
Courier contracts would be a great thing once the local banks kick in.

The longer version:
Many players are apprehensive about getting their stuff moved around when there is no global bank anymore. It is said that some will leave when being ganked while struggling on the roads.
A courier contract system will allow you to set up a contract to transport your stuff from bank A to bank B by any random player. Said player will have to pay a collateral deposit, the size of which you decide. Once delivered to bank B, the courier guy gets his deposit back plus his reward. The trick is that while the contract is active, the courier guy holds the parcel, but none of the players hold the moneys. That money will go to either player, depending of whether the contract is fulfilled within a given time or not.
(In EVE there is a system added whereby you can hide the contents of the parcel, allowing you to lower the collateral size - if you dare)

Courier contracts would ease the burden of transport for some players, while opening a whole new career opportunity for other players. There would be no waiting around for other players, or even having to advertise your contract, if it is all shown in a single user interface.

There should also be a function whereby you can issue the contract to a *specific* player, i.e. your friend, or someone in your clan who has the role of logistics officer.
(This all assumes of course that we can remotely access and manipulate our bank inventories in other cities, so we can set up the contract)
Suggestions / The future of crafting
DND has said they want to be a game for PVErs just as much as PvPers. It is my hope they also think strong crafting and trading communities into that vision.

For the game to be attractive for crafting nerds, it needs much deeper crafting, by which I don't mean more grindy crafting.
What I mean is that there needs to be many more items that can be crafted, and more crafting professions to do it. And in order to have more items crafted, there also needs to be more types of raw materials.

Of course I am talking long term plans here, it is not something that can be patched in next week. It will take creating whole new systems and artwork.

BUT: just to exemplify what I am talking about: for a start none of the house furniture should be random drops, they should only be player made (this is one thing that could be experimented with quite easily). Generic building modules and ship modules etc. need to die and be replaced with elements like planks, beams, shafts, slates, pegs, windows, floorboards whatever.
Then a ship will be constructed from elements such as planks, keel sections, mast and sails. A raft needs no keel sections, while a big ship needs several, you get the picture.

New crafting professions such as fine-carpentry, stonecutting, masonry, weaving, shipbuilding bust be added on top of the ones we have, in order to make the things to make the sails and other special elements. The crafting must be so deep that the core PvPers will not pursue it.
And it all starts with the resource gathering, which in DarkFall is a monumental failure. Just as example for the potential, all the different trees in the game (that we ALREADY HAVE) could yield different types of lumber. (Just look at games like Mortal and Wurm). Different wood types could either add to the durability of your weapon, reduce the timer of your tool, or add to the damage of the weapon etc etc. Likewise, all the different types of bushes (that we ALSO already have installed all across the game) can yield different types of herbs, and the different types of herbs play into enhancing meals in different ways.

The end result of these mechanics would also be regionality of resources: that for example the most powerful meal in the game could be made with a herb only found on Yssam combined with herbs found only on each of the other subcontinents, making trade routes going from all the subcontinents to the mainland necessary, of course sparking lots of of PvP opportunities.

I sincerely hope that the devs will be thinking along such lines as they improve the game!
Suggestions / Let mobs start roaming
(This came up in GD but could use a specific mention)

DarkFall already has at least three sets of roaming AI-code. One for the aggro mobs, one for the city wildlife such as rats, and one for the open world wildlife such as deer and moose. All this code already exists, but the one used for the aggro mobs only make them trot around close to their spawn spot and quickly despawn.

Here is the suggestion: please try testing the open world roaming AI on some if not all of the aggressive mobs. Let them spawn by players at their usual spawn points, but if they are not killed, let them start roaming. The deer AI is already awesome; it has a healthy propensity for wide roaming and a weak propensity for banding together. Imagine highwaymen or ogres behaving like that!

This must be combined with the roaming aggro mobs persisting in the world like the wildlife does, instead of despawning. To combat an increase of server load, start by reducing the city-dwelling wildlife and the open-world wildlife densities with 50-60%, I guarantee you noone will complain about that!
Also, NPC towers must kill the mobs if they come to the cities.