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Didn't warrant a good quality upload so the quality is shite.

I'm making this video unlisted as I  dislike shit talking Ub3rgames where it can hurt the game.

But I kind of think there is a flaw with your game when a clan of 120+ people are bringing 20+ alts most likely 30+ when they log them all in to every village and receiving more gold than a small clan can farm in 1 week in 5 minutes of work.

You receive around 1.5k a tick from Ruby villages on average at high %.

50 x 1.5k * 22 = 1.65m gold.

I'm not joking when I say this but I'm most likely low balling this, these guys are pumping at minimum 1 million gold from each village per day being conservative.

If anyone wants to fight the resistance PM me, we only need like 10 people to wipe 50+ seek and destroy, wipe them once and they will quit like they did in inDev.

Zero economy in the game & pretty demoralising to play.
Media Highlights / [SHORT] Ruby Running

Had a good fight vs the first 10 that showed up, killed 3 of them and they just kept coming and coming, we also got screwed over by being on the edge of the village rogue line where their blues were rezzing their downed players and we couldn't stop them which sucked.

Looking forward to more Ruby village fights!

Looks like only half their force in one picture, ruby is popping lads!
Join Avaris for PvP
General Discussion / Loot Split changes

EDIT: Explanation on how it works

4 people engaged on the spawn, 3 of whom are in the same clan OR party. The 4th is soloing.

Whilst all 4 players stay engaged on the spawn the loot gets auto-split into 4 stacks in the tomb (no idea what happens to, eg, keys...).

The three clanned/partied players can all loot each others loot - just like before.

But they cannot touch the share of the loot on the grave that belongs to the solo player. And he can't touch their share.

But after 120 seconds passes then the grave goes free for all.

Still open to abuse like this:

I can definitely see this being open to abuse, imagine a solo blue player (who we'll call the 'Asshole') finding a group of 3 other clanned blue playeres farming a mid tier spawn. The 'Asshole' decides he wants to watch tv but also get loot, he can sit in the spawn engaged, watching tv and then just looting 1/4 of the loot from each mob which he's had next to no hand in killing. Hell, he could even hit a rock for str gains in the meantime.

The 'Asshole' guy is making their spawn harder and leeching loot from them at the same time. The only recourse that the group of 3 players have is to kill this player, at a huge alignment loss / quest bonus loss. It wouldn't take much for the 'Asshole' to keep coming back, so the 3 clanned players have a choice, either kill this guy to go red, or just stop playing at that spawn (the Asshole could just follow them to the next). So, their only other option is to just stop playing.

Before anyone says no one like that exists, this is Darkfall, dozens of these people exist. Situations like this are their entire raison d'être.
General Discussion / What needs to be in the next patch?
What's in the next patch? @Ub3rgames

Any chance of an update on what's planned for the next patch?

Will drakes be fixed?
Will ARAC clans be fixed?
Will village bonus gold be fixed? (and will people who cap a village off another clan at a high % bonus receive said bonus for the first cap).
Will there be a way to spend or infuse meditation points, since 90% of the server is capped?
Will there be a tiered clan vault?
Will unarmed or caster humanoid mobs be fixed to stop hitting like trucks in melee?. E.g Arthain Hunchbacks, Severii Legionnaires, Nahdruk Heretics etc.
Will mob loot be further tuned? (90% of the mobs are crap, LONG LIVE TROLLS!).
Will arrow drops be increased to be more inline with reg drops?
Will conditional binds be added? E.g first available.
Will archery recieve chain crits like melee?
Will you make mount leans a skill so people can bind them easier?
Will the looting inventory lock be fixed?
Will village timers stop being pushed back with server downtimes?
Will raft & boat speeds be changed to be useful?

So many little things that add up to a big annoyance.

1 Scalestone = 3 Shards.

-Promotes staying blue to break scalestone into shards at NPC city.
-Removes needs for alts at spawns.
-Promotes solo farming at your own leisure.
-Gives runestones a use and a market.
Media Highlights / Fix this shit ASAP
I've heard rumours of clans using scripts to auto log out on system messages of enemies, can't confirm this is true or not without solid evidence, but this clan had people logging out with 28 cloth on them at crafting table, seems suspect.


People who are encumbered should not be able to log out quickly, it should take 2 minutes to log out or not even be able to log out at all.

Was 5.30am after a long grinding session I was just about to go to bed and these sneaky boys swam past me, followed them and this happened.
General Discussion / Maximum efficient XP gains

I'll make a forum thread as I can't get a response out of Ub3r on other channels.

Examples using 100 as baseXp:

Monster Tier
Green: 1x modifier
Yellow: 1.25x modifier
Light Orange: 1.5x modifier
Orange: 1.75x  Modifier
Red: x2 modifier

Scaling Modifier
+2.5% per person level 0-20

Ub3r said its a mix of damage + rank of weapon I have no idea how this works but I will go with a 50/50 split for examples.
10 damage = 5%
20 damage = 10%
30 damage = 15%
40 damage = 20%
50 damage = 25%

r10 = 5%
r20 = 10%
r30 = 15%
r40 = 20%
r50 = 25%

(baseXP + 50% from scaling + 50% from magnitude) x 2 from monster tier x 2 from power hour

We don't know how this works but I'm going to use it as ((xp + scaling + mag) x2) x2

Green mob hitting 10 damage with R0
(100 + 0% from scaling + 5% from magnitude) X1 Green mob x2 Powerhour = 210xp a hit

Green mob hitting 50 damage with R20 spawn scaled to level 20
(100 + 50% from scaling + 25% from magnitude + 10% from R20) X1 Green mob x2 Powerhour = 370xp a hit

Red mob hitting 2 damage with R20 spawn scaled to level 10
(100 + 25% from scaling + 0% from magnitude + 10% from R20) X2 red mob x2 Powerhour = 540xp a hit

In conclusion from what I've tested ingame without knowing the numbers these are actual scenarios I levelled in:

Yellow mobs hitting 15 damage with r20 spawn scaled to level 20
(100 + 50% from scaling + 5% from magnitude + 10% from R20) X1.25 Yellow Mob  x2 Powerhour = 387.5xp a hit

Red mobs hitting 2 damage with r20 spawn scaled to level 2
(100 + 2.5% from scaling + 0% from magnitude + 10% from r20) X2 Red mob x2 Powerhour = 450xp a hit

As you can see its way more exp from just hitting a red mob for nothing than spawn scaling lower tier mobs, this has been proven by myself ingame, got 71-75 archery in PH on orange mob and 64-66 on spawn scaled yellow mob.

Question I have to ub3r to solve this mystery:
1. You say its 50% from scaling, but then you say its 5% per person to 10 then 2.5% after, 10 people = 50% so why 2.5% after?
2. Can we get a break down of magnitude is it 50/50 between rank + damage? Or how does it work.
3. What is the actual cap exp and some scenarios on how you reach it?
4. what is the modifiers on monster tiers, is it close to what I've wrote?
5. is baseXp the same per hit? Nothing else effects it?
6. Just give us examples pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Media Highlights / 2v2 - EU vs NA

I don't know who these 2 are personally, someone pmed me after the fight saying their good NA players.
Tuned into their stream and they was talking shit asking people to give them some competition by sending at least 4 guys, I was nearby with @Yeti Magic so we confronted them.

First time posting with the play style of melee/archery, go easy on me xo
General Discussion / Alfar Alliance Discord


Last night farming -

Alfar Alliance discord is a discord mainly used for the text channels to be more organised between the Alfar race, the voice channels can be used if we all need to scramble together against a big invasion from other races. As an example of the benefits of working as a race I gained 17 archery levels in 1 hour when the mobs were at level 40, we can do this every night and get insane gains putting us infront of every other race.

The discord will start off slow, but if we all work together getting everyone invited we can organise big events every night.

Announcements - Where spawn scaling and group farming events for massive exp & loot gains will be posted, will try hosting 1 or 2 of these a day for the next few weeks to get Alfars infront of the other races.

Spawn Scaling - This text channel can be used to tell the current location of the current big spawn scale.

Invader reports - This channel should be used to report invaders to Alfar lands, recommend toggling on the notifications for this channel as it will be monitored and hopefully people use it once for a report so all Alfars know of invaders, if a call to arms is made I suggest joining one of the PvP channels to co-ordinated with our brothers and sisters.

Rules of the server to avoid trolling:

1. Try not to be too much of a muppet.
2. You have to be verified via a party invite in game to verify race & name - POST IN VERIFICATION YOUR INGAME NAME.
3. Your in game name will be your discord name for this server to avoid trolls.
4. You won't have access to the voice / text channels until you are verified to avoid other races gaining information.
5. Report any invaders!

General Discussion / Racial passive guestimates!
Lets see who can get closest to the devs ideas that their releasing tonight.
I think they will maybe tie in racial weapons with races.
Made these up in 5 minutes just as a guess.

4% increased sprint speed in dungeons
1.5% more damage with polearms

8% more speed on a racial mount
25% increased food duration

10% more dura on crafted bows
10% increased vision ID range

15% lower cooldown on power attack GAxe
10% less durability loss on weapons

10% less durability loss on armour
5% crafting speed increase flat

10% less stamina loss when sprinting
2% less archery damage taken

See who can get the closest.
Clan Recruitment / ZULU - [EU / NA] - [ALFAR]

We're looking for allied forces of the alfar race.
We're looking for hardcore and casual players.
We're looking for a dedicated PvP Shotcaller.
We're looking for dedicated crafters.
We're looking for a lead figure.

We are a group of veterans who played under the tag 'Giants' throughout InDev, we disbanded Giants in hopes of joining a large clan with solid leadership as we have never had a real leader. We had a majority vote and remade the clan under the new name Zulu. We still don't have a leader and the clan is a democracy all decisions made by majority vote.

If you would like to join you need to pass the following criteria:

A working clear Microphone
English Speaking
Willingness to learn
Be friendly & mature
Alfar Race

We have a solid launch plan which we recently tested with 9 fresh characters with no outside help, this will catapult the clan on launch day into a good head start on skill gains with a full progressive plan mapped out. To ensure compatibility to fit into the clan each non-vouched recruit will have a trial period of 2 weeks before becoming a full member.

If the above sounds like something you are interested in, message one of the following:

@Yeti Magic
@Leg enD