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Topics - Aglorien

I really like the time-gated crafting at the moment but new players joined the game late can feel bad about it so im making a suggestion to @Ub3rgames

- Allow choosing 1 crafting title to be "focused" to level up faster. 3x faster. 20 days. (adjust speed as you like i just said 3x :D )

- Only available on new characters.

- Only works on 1 crafting title, one time only

- All other crafting titles you picked stops leveling or very slow.

- Can make it use meditations points not sure

This way a crafter do not feel %100 behind and can craft 1 type of his liking faster and efficiently
so while he concentrates on the leveled up crafting other titles level up normally

Bugs & Feedbacks / Day and Night cycle speed bugged?
At the moment Day suddenly turns to complete Darkness, no in between
If i remember correctly, in the old DF this wasn't the case.
New players are complaining about the darkness and for the lack of light source.

So.. is this a bug or am i remembering incorrectly?
Questions and Answers / Tall-Short races magic aim
I am going to play mage most likely this time but i wanna know your opinions

Anything changed for you with magic aim for ex dwarf,alfar  vs  Mahirim,Elf ?
Tall races had the advantage with the aim of spells (hitting on the ground where you want is a lot easier when you are tall)

did the POV 120 update change anything regarding this?

I only tried dwarf in indev so wanna hear your opinions

Suggestions / Taming Recipes
Taming only has 3 mounts you can craft


Lvl 1     your racial mount
Lvl 25      Your Ally Race mounts open up to you   (scrw alfars? give them a rideable salamander)
Lvl 50      Bluetails   +   800kg trade mount (battlehorn placeholder)
Lvl 75      Battlehorns 1000kg    +    1200kg trade mount (battlehorn placeholder)
Lvl 100    1500kg trade mount (battlehorn placeholder)

you can change battlehorn colors right?


Suggestions / Cooking Recipe Levels need change
25 minutes food can be made with 50 skill level, is this ideal?

Level 1  2min food
Level 25  5min food
Level 50  10min food
Level 75  15min food + 10min Sushi food
Level 100 25min food  + 20min Sushi food

make any fishing on the sea drop Seaweed
waters on the main land dropping deapsea fish like swordfish %80 of the time and it is 5kg.
Cannot see enchant material quality on the market
Suggestions / Mana Blast - Meteor Strike Shared CD
just tried earth and spellchant titles together,

Mana blast is the only damage spell in the SC, also need a title invest / should not share cd with anything

Meteor strike shares cd with Disintegrate, and mana blast ^^
earth does not have much adventage as of now
also dont know the point in getting SC title, better heals? a damage spell? Heal other spells could use some help its very hard to aim and lend a heal
General Discussion / Magefall Titles and Craftall Titles
Ub3rgames:  Magic1 Magic2 Magic3 Combo Melee1

or Crafting1 Crafting2 Crafting3 Crafting4 Crafting5

I thought important titles would cost 2 title slots! you said that.

how is the example above different than Magefall? a guy with the 3 most OP schools and a Greatsword, that reminds me magefall.
how is a crafter guy specialized in  something with 5 titles? he can craft weapons, armors, tailors, bows, staves. What can't he craft? ships? meh

I see a fake specialization system here if you dont make things harsher.

Like you told before important titles should cost 2-3 title slots imo.


Bugs & Feedbacks / Draw distance 1000
Draw distance 1000 makes my spells invisible  when facing South
and half invisible when facing North
using PS1_1
sometimes i can see where they hit but not as a projectile on the way,
Tried with most spells and staves
Questions and Answers / Titles and Grind
This is a question to Devs

Lets assume that i have chosen water and earth magic titles to specialize in them

Will i be able to freely use other school spells and utilities without  severe penalties?

If they are not locked to me;
I would need WoF and spellreflect at high levels,= grind arcane to 100+
I would need Eye rot high level = grind necro to 100+
I would need stormblast and come hither at high levels = grind air magic to high levels

If i think it this way Titles do not lessen the grind at all.

Or i decided to be a support player (Spellchanting Title buffer)
aside from SpellChanting buffs there are far more important and powerful buffs in all other schools and i then have to grind all of them if they are not locked to me = massive grind

Please do not make it into a fake specialization  like my examples above.
I trust your roadmap and eagerly wait the Title system, Thanks for reading.
Suggestions / (NPE) Dieing
Make the bleeding bar backwards and look like blood so they know they are bleeding out.

You can also add a "Help me" button for the lulz :D
spamming that would be nostalgia :D
Questions and Answers / Dungeon mobs dropping keys
i get some keys in bag to a dungeon to get rid of them, i return home with more keys than i brought :D

is this going to stay this way? how we will gonna use all our keys?

Dungeon mobs shouldn't drop keys maybe or only dungeon mobs drop them i dunno.
Questions and Answers / Some questions on my mind
Hello darkfallers im new to this forum, im an old DF1 player and wanna ask some  questions

-- I read on some patch notes we can access bank or the chests on the flours with the comfort of our mounts, does it unmounts us upon interacting or do we actually open the bank while still on the horse?

-- Title system:  I like crafting in games but I pve/pvp too, Do I have to fill all my titles with crafting and gathering/skinning titles to be viable or can I get combat titles together with crafting too, ( I know It is better to be dedicated crafters, dont get me wrong I dont want the old DF craft system where everyone levels it) maybe I can choose only 1 crafting title like Armorsmith mastery and 1 gathering then some combat titles?
Reason i am asking this I dont wanna play 2 different characters for Craft and Combat.

-- I read all same kind weapons have the same reach now, is it all balanced now or still needs tweaks?

Being curious about this topics because noone is making videos about patch notes or new additions on the game, videos would be great :)