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how is killing naked people  pvp?
Media Highlights / Re: Bring Back Safe Zone!
top notch aim, 1/30 hit rate with cursed bolt

General Discussion / Re: All I see are crybabies.
We need forum MODERATORS badly

I really like the time-gated crafting at the moment but new players joined the game late can feel bad about it so im making a suggestion to @Ub3rgames

- Allow choosing 1 crafting title to be "focused" to level up faster. 3x faster. 20 days. (adjust speed as you like i just said 3x :D )

- Only available on new characters.

- Only works on 1 crafting title, one time only

- All other crafting titles you picked stops leveling or very slow.

- Can make it use meditations points not sure

This way a crafter do not feel %100 behind and can craft 1 type of his liking faster and efficiently
so while he concentrates on the leveled up crafting other titles level up normally

whaat! i grinded gathering on indev seeing they are 10k lol


Seed, they said crafting and gathering masteries
i agree but your internet seems to be a bigger problem
General Discussion / Re: DF:UW Returns
this shit thread belongs to off-topic

no offence
General Discussion / Re: Loot Split changes
this could be solved with not splitting the party loot actually, only split the non-party player loots so parties can loot faster
or round robin :D
General Discussion / Re: Loot Split changes
ROUND ROBIN...... was/is the correct way

loot is taking too long even in a party of 4-5
Trade / Re: Jeridan for sale
you mean Jeradan
General Discussion / Re: Loot Split changes
  - Members of a party/clan can loot items reserved to other members of their party/clan.

are you reading disabled rawr?  the change is only for the non-partied players

but it is open for abuse i agree on that..
Skinning is a role that a dedicated player can master in this game, go play roa if you want instant gratification with no RP skinning.

How can you master skinning other than selecting the title?  I love DFND and wont be going to RoA.  I am talking about reducing tedium.  Can you think of another way of making skinning less of a chore?
dont mind him. He is one of the sero type trolls.

As for the suggestion, there should be some other way to solve this so i dont agree
Questions and Answers / Re: Leveling Spell Chanting
i am wondering the same thing
Suggestions / Re: Allow us to drop items on ground
Wasn't this feature the one that caused a lot of dupes on roa?

Trade function is pretty standart and enough imo, we dont need dropping on the ground.

For Race Wars: There should be gear NPCs on the warfronts for each race and accept donations, so Vets can donate gears for newbies, you buy it with race war currency from the NPC

I agree with Spool, if you loot something you have to carry it, magically deleting some stones in 1 second is lame