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Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Fair criticism
Last post by ironkid -
If DFO code was easy to work with AV probably wouldnt have abandoned it and moved to UW.
Suggestions / Re: Reset at 0:00 GMT
Last post by zelihood -
Reset "Power Hour" and Dungeon quests at 0:00 GMT, instead of having it on a 22 / 24 hours cooldown. This makes it easier for clans / friends to coordinate farming together.

Now if you ask in Clan / Friend list to go PH / Dungeon, most people say no because of the cooldown differences. Some have 4 hours left, some 6 hours, some 1 hour, etc.

So your friends, clan mate don't go farming for one hour because they are not in PH ? May be farm something rewarding and they will join for the loot?
Media Highlights / Re: Unexpected pvp during PH
Last post by Prometheus -
blackbolts so 2009 and so powerless.
i dont blame anyone not resubbing and waiting watchtowers etc they should already of been in the game, the very few sieges and villages including bad village timers are keeping it alive at the moment barely but you have to bare in mind the cost for the developers not earning their dirty euros and the possible harm it could have on the game from it being more inactive player wise.

sellable ingame sub tokens would be a amazing gold sink but i think too many people have exploited bugs or had a advantage in hording villages and have millions so it wouldnt exactly be fair at this stage as the few could just control the market completely, maybe at a wipe and relaunch.
So if demand is so high, why dont people(blues) actually buy stuff? Im quite sure if id  make bunch of r40-r50 with material price plus then some for my profit, stick em up in local trade hub, ymirs charybdis, sanguine. Most of the time(except maybe weekends) they will just rot there. Im not kidding ive actually tried.

Despite the relatively big number of items listed those places, turnover is small, market and supply/demand is thin and inconsistant. That 1300 is 95% same shit that has been up there since forever/since market patch. Consumables like materials might have healthier situation, but its very problematic for products.

We just need more people for markets to actually consistently work, and im not even talking about marketplaces only, trade channel craft for material kind of trades etc. Most of the week and most hours, there is this now becoming standard "fish silence," of no one doing anything, needing anything.

Its a vicious circle for sure, crafters craft less because odds are you will be investing in materials you use to craft products you have later trouble selling, so you hit a break. People buying things then suffer from lack of variety and consistence on markets and they give up trying to  buy/check. Leading to more stuff hanging up or not even made/posted.

But npc seeded stuff would just be a nail in coffin, not a fix. It would invalidate everything the fuck ive been doing in DND since launch, leveling crafting, getting materials, selling products. most of everyone who are left in game will simply fall back on those shitty r40 and other garbage and nothing else will ever have a critical momentum again. Leading us back once again to, we NEED PATCHES AND PEOPLE, for this game to work as intended
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Furgum Seige
Last post by Machinist -
First rule of forum discussion with Mycke is when you've pinned him into an argument he can't defend, don't add a P.S. or additional statement. he will completely avoid the first statement that got him and pick the one you make easiest for him to defend. He's a monkey here for all of our amusement and just tells himself the people walking around the zoo to check him out are all in one big cage

you got that right 100%, he makes me laugh because he purposely avoids statements and selective quotes in his responses, i asked him a question about 3 times previously and he never answered it, his ego cant confront or handle reality.

i also find it interesting how some people think just because your the same race you have to get on, this isnt a pvp shield or divine protection, we arent playing a forced faction mmo, everyone should be enjoying the pvp, this conflict is at front of the server at the moment lighting de wei, congrats to the russians on the win.
@inkarnation @grimtide @Seronys Oh look the three derp hurrs of forumfail.

[Insert any game with GTT] player A buys a game token on day 1 of his grind just to sell for in-game gold. Now that player A has "X" amount of gold he would normally never have in that time frame, he buys higher cost items with that new wealth. That new demand on more expensive items pushes their cost up and crushes lower tier items that player A can skip along with being able to buy a lot more #s of items, pushing their cost up as well. Bingo inflation.

You 3 idiots act like this isn't something that hasn't occurred in every MMO with GTT, and you're just reading about this for the first time.
so since gold that would be used by vets to buy infernal goes to new players so they can buy infernal, the infernal prices will go up? well youre pretty fucking smart arent you
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Fair criticism
Last post by vanvaldenburg -
just funny that people waking up now, i was at this point one year ago XD