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shit is lit every1 knows
real bang real underground
drip drip brrr skrt
General Discussion / Re: Duel vs Avast SomeBK
someone give me the TLDR of this whole thread please
myckes better at deflecting then he is at 1v1ing someone throwing light battlespikes at him?
Media Highlights / Re: Anyone else see that?
enclave outplaying the empty server 3 days in a row. ;) gf all.
gj man
General Discussion / Re: Duel vs Avast SomeBK
of course mycke loses, hes the biggest loser on the server

General Discussion / Re: Duel vs Avast SomeBK
So after two months of dodging out of the blue Avast wants me to duel him NOW in race chat, guy probably logged on an hour before saying nothing and warmed up and when he felt ready then announced I should come at his beck and call, which i sure as hell wasnt going to do.

Yet i did try to set up a fight for the weekend and all he did was dodge, it was again another now or never. If he really wants a fair fight make it a fair fight, dont log in secretly warm up while im pveing and then expect me to come right then and duel you or you are logging off, that just shows you are a pussy trying to get an edge.

Back to him dodging for months....
TLDR edition:
'My names Mycke I'm deluded and bad and got flawlessed by light battlespikes' I challenged an inactive player to a duel who flames me for it as a form of a deflection and even though I've been active on this game every day of my life, the 2 times the inactive player has made himself available for me to duel I've said another day in hope he is busy so I can say he has dodged lol I'm so smart xD #ima50yearoldvirgin xD'
Media Highlights / Re: Sunstone Island siege
Also got some good content through race chat listening to Mycke not want to give me his whereabouts
General Discussion / Re: Duel vs Avast SomeBK
Hey just checking in to see if there are any pics of the books or any update to the conspiracy it was a trick?

No hes still dodging but thanks for asking
oh look another day of delusion from captain dingaling

Lol this is funny.  1.) We really don't want more holdings we wanted a fight, we got it.   2.) Already confirmed from someone in Enclave you guys had more people than us.  You guys got wrecked in the fight I got loots.  Gl in da future

We had 19. The 19 includes PvE'ers, crafters, and new characters. Lulu says you had 17 so it was basically an even fight if that number is to be believed. Usually with such a big coalition not everybody is in the same group so how many are being left out? Either way you weren't outnumbered and you got out thought and out maneuvered so badly that you let the siege come down to a 1v1:

GF. Thanks for the 3,750 gold.
Sad that you can only afford a purple robe for a siege since it's the equivalent to wearing a scale set for a melee player.

What a noob you are
Media Highlights / Re: dnd shitty players
not this shit show both games have become, where holdings have zero value, everyone is fucking friendly looking for fairfights online.
Amen to that. Friendly attitude in this conquest based game makes me want to throw up. Bitches with loser mentality.
Getting information about the game from a noob who can be beat by just throwing light battlespikes at him, hahahahahahah.
General Discussion / Re: Count me in!!
Nice to have you aboard.

For now, the only reply we can give is Soon™.
NDA and other technical details prevent us from giving any accurate release dates, but we'll spam everybody whenever we can.
In the meantime you can join the party here on the forums, or register for our beta watch newsletter back on the main site.

All we can do now is get the word out and starting to get some hype going so that we get enough feedback and a decent reception once we open the floodgates..
In hindsight it was too soon.
General Discussion / Re: Count me in!!
Let's bring the hype back!
Can't wait for New Dawn 2020, the excitement is unreal.
Media Highlights / Re: dnd shitty players
Should we ask luck to come over so you can lick his anus more?
atleast he doesnt die to battlespikes
Events / Re: Human v Ork
Great event, thanks to all who attended.