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Media Highlights / How to combat loot like a pro
Last post by Eilistraee -

Guess games dead and server is already laggy and shit.
I try to like rust. I really have tried on multiple occasions.
Let's not?

I love rust in small doses as much as anybody but it's been in development for fukking 10 years now? Hitboxes are gigantic and it's still incredibly laggy
General Discussion / asking ub3?!
Last post by Czachogniot -
when can you count on a new patch that will appear?
when? a mount ? a day ? a 1 h????

when ?

What if DND sieges we're little more than a capture the flag event.

What if seige weapons, base design, building destruction was actually a meaningful strategy in Darkfall.
General Discussion / Re: CREDO
Last post by mrW -
General Discussion / Re: Ivar TheBrainless
Last post by Kenman -

Edit- @AbusiveLover unless you're a gamer chick? Then the strength of my marriage is in direct proportion to how fantastic your tits are,

Lmao im gonna have to use that one
General Discussion / Re: Ivar TheBrainless
Last post by inkarnation -
my sig
Trade / Re: Trading R40 staves in bulk for partial mats
Last post by Rimamok -
I think the markets are working ok for casual purchases.  Big custom orders are best done outside them IMO.
General Discussion / Re: Ivar TheBrainless
Last post by Pallist Horror -
I tried to log in but was notified server was full and was in queue.

I emailed Ub3rgames support staff and received an email back within minutes.

They're looking into opening another server by end of year and another in 2019 if the population growth continues at current rate.

New servers will be placed on a man made island in the middle of Atlantic to make EU and NA happy.