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Never been great at RTS games but lord of the rings: battle for middle earth 2 was my jam. Would love it if they made another
Like it isn't obvious what's coming on Monday...

Darkfall has a bad reputation, so come Monday game will officially be renamed Darfall.
Bugs and Issues / Re: Massive FPS drops fighting mages
Last post by Wyverex -
There are real FPS drops.
@Ub3rgames i can't wait what's coming monday
It's really bad though. Scrubs like me can't stormblast the fuck away or wof guys in corners.

Battle Smurf is still afraid to fight me for some reason though.
! (fake_news) ?

following the eclipse?
Bugs and Issues / Re: Massive FPS drops fighting mages
Last post by Prometheus -
Are people still loosing fps or just the animations of the spells are low and feel like fps drops?
Trade / Re: WTB THINGS
Last post by Prometheus -
Casuals might still want it and I am paying quite well.
How do you pay when gold is nothing worth? Every child(or should I say alt) (as long as active) is waking up with 30k over night without doing nothing so...again how do you pay...if not with other hard resources.

Welcome to a ressources based economy  (hopefully soon in a lb-system without any tp)
Weak little elves shouldn't be staying in cold ass areas anyway, lest they freeze their skinny bums off. Nipplheim belongs to the Dorfs! Hail Rapnap :D