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Archery overhaul, IDEAS.
I suggest few new skills for archery, mainly for some diversity in gameplay.
Maybe you do not want to get all of this skills in the game, but just read this - some idea can be nice.

1. Skill "Power shoot" / "Critical shoot".
It must be like powerattack, but for bow. Must be available without archer title, because main goal implementing as i see give anoter one button to player, what can be use in PvP and especialy in PvE, to do a little bit more dmg.
Mainly, in PvE. Coz just spamming a lot of arrow in big mob - its a little bit boring. With this skill will be more fun doing something beside shooting.
In anoter games was fun to tap some key after cooldown and saw more damage from bow. It will be fun, especialy if developers will make some nice effect when you will be use this skill.
I dont think, what dmg must have a big different from regular shot. Nice, if will be +10%-20%dmg for all titles and maybe +20-30% if you have archer title.
Also, better to have one dmg calculation for pvp and another for pve (in pve dmg must be more). Cooldown - 10-25sec (need to test in game, it not must be op).

2. Few quiver slots. Will be nice to add 3-4 quiver, what can be swithed with hotkey. They must be used situationally:
a) Regular arrow. Normal dmg
b) Wide arrowhead. More dmg to target in robes, less dmg for target in armor
c) Heavy piercing arrow - normal dmg to target in robes, more dmg for target in armor (armor penetration arrow)
d) Poisoned arrow / Fire arrow. Less regular dmg, but more dmg from dot.

3. Interrupt shoot - at hit arrow will interupt spell caster. Its can be very nice situational skill, what can give good advantage in right hands. Big cooldown, maybe like 30-60 sec and only for archer title. Must be discussed in community.
As alternative (if interupt will be OP) i can suggest "Burden shoot", 5-10 sec duration debuff with cooldown like 40s.

4. Archer title can get passive increased distance, to see a player's name from long range, like mirdains have.
All chars have 120m range, mirdain - 180m. Mirdain, with title "archer" - 220.
So, ppl with archer title can be good scouts at sieges and in roaming.

5. Weakening shoot / Debuff shoot - will give piercing debuff to target on small amount of time, only for archer title.
6. Bleeding shot / Poison shoot / Make Wounds. 
Less dmg at hit, but more dmg after with DOT.

7. Tracking shoot.
Only for archer title. After you hit target she will get some like "beacon", or "smoke signal" at 90-180sec.
Something, what archer can easy track. Maybe good idea show target on arher compas (if its not too hard implement).

8. Strong shoot / Sniper shoot. After using this skill arrows will have more projective speed.

As i said before - main goal dont buff a lot archery, but give some new buttons, what player can tap in PvP and PvE with bow for fun. Maybe it not need implement now. Buf if you like ideas, just put in "maybe it will be in future" box.

Hey, just look at archer class in another games (LA2,BDO,WoW,etc) and you can get a lot of nice idea, what we can get in DF.
Some bad (like stun), and some pretty good.

Wbr, Dolly Monk
Dolly Monk

Re: Archery overhaul, IDEAS.
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9. reduce bow audio volume for bow user so you dont go deaf