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Bug (group engagement tracking)
It seems that when I am in a group with someone, the kill count for quests does not track correctly.  Sometimes even if we are both actively hitting the monster it will only give one of us credit for the kill.

It would be nice to do some of the hourly daily quests with a friend, for monster scaling, but with the engagement counter currently not working, it simple is better to do them solo because you can get a higher count.

Re: Bug (group engagement tracking)
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not a bug afaik, kill count is given to only 1 person who is engaged with the spawn, only shared randomly so you dont have to last hit it
ub3r knows better, my wording can be strange lol

Re: Bug (group engagement tracking)
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I think it works like this, that the kill credit is given to ...
1) the person who kills the mob
2) or the person with the highest counter.

Or in other words: If you are two people and both have to kill 30 mobs and only one is always doing the killing blow, he will get the credit. If he has 30, the credit will be automatically given to the other person.

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Re: Bug (group engagement tracking)
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Every kill only awards one kill count.
It goes round robin to ALL actively engaged with the spawn. (party or not, doesnt matter)
Kills also have a % chance to roll double, so you can get a double count on kills sparingly.

Having said that, there is weird stuff going on with it.
The above is what Uber intended to have it function as.
But its currently entirely possible, and even consistantly so, to catch up and surpass people who started their task before you.

So the "random" double counts may be awarded to whoever is doing most damage, more frequently.
Or it is seeing who is actually getting the killing blows, awarding the double counts there more frequently.