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Re: GM event: Sunday 22nd at 7PM GMT
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People actually begged us to open InDev to get to play as soon as possible, and the turn out was actually quite good.
On our end, it has been worth it. We even got too carried away trying to address InDev problems with reprioritization of features.
It has been a great practice to run a live service too, testing our customer support abilities and reactivity to issues.

Over all, we keep on being surprised with how many people cared. InDev is a source of our confidence for launch.
This event itself had a higher turn out than we anticipated, as it was similar to historic ones when the population was higher.
But perhaps the prospect of being in the trailer has brought a lot of people along. ;)
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: GM event: Sunday 22nd at 7PM GMT
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That's why I was there - sole battlehorn rider. Guaranteed trailer time. I'll send my agent to talk royalties.

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Re: GM event: Sunday 22nd at 7PM GMT
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@Kenman  People who missed playing DFO and were willing to test changes.
Also, people/clans that want to have holdings at launch and/or carry over some meditation.

My post was meant to be dismissive towards losers and you ruined it, great thanks.