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You're my best shot fellas (
Apart from a few sporadic contributions in the international literature (cf. Schneider 1992, p. 112), the dilemma of financial calculation in socialism was scarcely regarded as till 1919 вЂ" not even by socialist economists. Erwin Weissel (1930вЂ"2005), the Viennese economist and historiographer of the Austro-Marxist debate on socialization, even claimed that "a single desired to ignore the issue" (Weissel 1976, p. 235). At the height of the socialization discussion in spring 1919, Menger scholar and company legal professional Markus Ettinger warned that "only market place value could be a reputable regulator of demand" and for the "in- and outflow of cash and labor from one particular region of generation to yet another" (Ettinger 1919, p. ten).
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