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Farewell and until next time
Just wanted to say goodbye to everyone here. I've had a great time in New Dawn playing with, against, or just talking to everyone after it died months ago.

I play mmos as much for the game as the community interaction and darkfall continues to be my best memories.

Thank you for all the good conversations here and all the laughs. Thank you to all the trolls who had me laughing every almost every day. Thank you to the Ivars and i wish you all the best.

In game, thanks for all the alliances and enemies. A big thanks to everyone who fought for what they believed in, RP or not, and truly enjoyed the game.

I hope to run into everyone in other games down the road.

I'll check back a couple times to catch up on this post, wether people reply or no one's left. After that, I'll be gone from here. You can find me on steam, Pallist with the kitten icon (RIP Pestilence the cat).


85% /s

Re: Farewell and until next time
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might aswell be an official peace out thread

was fun while it lasted, especially indev.. see you idiots in RoA, New World or whatever next game.

Re: Farewell and until next time
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We tried to help this game succeed. The players could only do so much. Fuck @Ub3rgames.

Peace ladies
My dreams are all dead and buried
Sometimes I wish the sun would just explode
When God comes and calls me to his kingdom
I'll take all ya sons of bitches when I go!
Let her blow!

Re: Farewell and until next time
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Until next time. 

Re: Farewell and until next time
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Was fun while it lasted, Pallist, you brought some life to the remaining playerbase when others had given up.


Re: Farewell and until next time
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We're getting too old for videogames anyways.
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Re: Farewell and until next time
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I'll be hanging around for all the arab porn and off brand medication adverts.
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Re: Farewell and until next time
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Peace out man, hope you find something nice to play. Anno 1800 was quite nice but totally different genre.
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Re: Farewell and until next time
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yeah was fun getting zerged 10v1 to bankstarers when touching system and having a fair 1v1 duel at village only to get jumped on by the rest of the useless niggers after i win the duel naked while trying to revive

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Re: Farewell and until next time
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Farewell to all the great guys I've played with and all the dear enemies. Darkfall gave me some unparallel experiences in gaming and an exitiment I haven't been able to find in any other game. But it's truly time to say final goodbyes and for me probably final goodbyes to Mmo genre all together. Too old to invest time for these types of games any more but very glad I did experience Darkfall from the 2009 launch till the start of New Dawn.

Goood bye to all friends and foes.

-Viiltaja Jackki
Viil Taja