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Looking for hacking tool set
Since I popped in, anybody have a working hacking tool set?

I haven't checked the old stuff from years ago- I would assume it wouldn't work, but maybe it would. I'm curious now if they really did change the memory locations for the hooks/hacks.

Would be kind of fun to login and full around a little bit with  GM style powers in the world before they eventually turn the server off

Re: Looking for hacking tool set
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Are you not supposed to delete your account and post your details? I expected you to know that checks for "GM style powers" are done server side since ~98 and not something you'll be able to access by playing around with pointers.

Re: Looking for hacking tool set
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Are you not supposed to delete your account and post your details? I expected you to know that checks for "GM style powers" are done server side since ~98 and not something you'll be able to access by playing around with pointers.

Opposed to when I get home... I'm not home yet. Who cares if they login delete everything tomorrow, I don't get the big deal this game is not coming back people.  And you're incorrect- that hacking tool set gives you everything a GM except for control over other players I used it in the first Darkfall. We might as well f*** around a little bit this is not coming back I'll say it again

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Looking for hacking tool set
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you dont need to do any of this at all, they are not looking into the registry of your computer just your game files just make sure you dont have any illegal mods and your set all this sky is failing bs thats spread on here is not needed

Looking for hacking tool set
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