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Re: day 200
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Day 205

Running sieges in ROA

My god, every video of RoA is the same even after so many years, same spam of spells, aoe, gear build.

I tried it yesterday but unistalled after a while, i like the new interface but i can't handle the gameplay and i miss the fact that i can't bind my weapon to a spell directly like i do here and the queue switch and responsiveness, New Dawn is so damn better, hope admins solve their issue and continue to develop this game. Can be really a waste if they let it die after so much efford.

Will be good if they update us with some news. @Ub3rgames

shut up fnights
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day 200
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you buy one day at a time ,That might get expensive might be better off buying a month at a time ,even three months but if you only play on the weekends I guess.